What does FBC on the Hill believe about the Bible?

We believe the Bible is God's Word. The Bible for us is a blueprint for Christian living. Additionally, the Bible reveals in intimate detail the God who loves us and with whom we share a vital and personal relationship.


How do people dress on Sunday?

Please, by all means come as you are! There is no dress code---you will see both jeans and ties on a Sunday Morning, and everything in between. During football season you will especially see people wearing their favorite team colors proudly.


Will I be pressured to give and offering?

We do have a time on Sunday morning for people to give an offering---BUT, you will in no way whatsoever be pressured to give. In fact we emphasize that giving is a choice made by those who have made this their church home and it is not the responsibility of those visiting and/or trying to learn more about us.


What are the people like?

FBC on the Hill is diverse. The church resembles, to a great degree the community of which it is a part. We are from a wide variety of backgrounds and stages of life. There are people from different regional, racial, and ethnic backgrounds. Most of us have mortgages, problems, challenges and all the rest that comes with living. What is significantly different is that the people who make up the church are on a journey toward becoming passionately devoted followers of Jesus Christ. Some are further along in that journey than others, but that should make finding someone you connect with along the path that much easier.


What is worship like at FBC on the Hill?

The goal of our worship service is utilize a wide variety of elements to bring people to the point of truly meeting with the Lord. We are probably most simply defined as a blended service using both newer songs and many of the great hymns of the faith throughout history. The focus of our worship is not on being traditional or contemporary; rather it is on seeking God's presence through the experience of authentic worship. This means worship for us is not a passive experience performed by the folks up front, but the people's ministry to God.


What is the preaching like?

We are committed to teaching and preaching the Bible with integrity and excellence. We wholly believe that it is the Bible that will lead to life-change and we work hard to communicate God’s Word in a way that is both thorough and practical. We do use powerpoint and provide an outline in the bulletin so that people may follow and take notes more effectively.


What does FBC on the Hill offer for children and youth?

In addition to offering a fully graded Sunday School program from nursery through senior high, we are eager to minister to children and youth. One of our key goals is to reach families. The church has a core of excellent volunteers who plan outings and other activities for children and their families. We are currently looking to add to our staff specifically in the areas of Youth & Music.


Are there many Senior Adults?

We have a very active “Young at Heart”  Seniors group. They meet often for fellowship and for activities. They serve together at Matthew 25 Ministries and they serve meals at the University of Cincinnati. Each month, usually on the 3rd Tuesday they meet for a trip and lunch.


Where do singles fit in at FBC on the Hill?

We do have singles at all stages of life who attend---we hope to reach more in the days ahead. Singles are certainly welcome here.


What is the role of women at FBC on the Hill?

We believe in the biblical equality of men and women. Women are encouraged to serve in a wide variety of ministry and leadership roles and they do here at FBC. We do feel as well that the Scriptures teach that there are leadership positions in the church such as pastors and deacons that are reserved for men.


What does it mean to be a Baptist church? 

Many people have different ideas about Baptist Churches, but historically the distinctive are quite significant, and we embrace those historical distinctive of Baptist Churches: Biblical Authority, The Autonomy of the Local Church (meaning we govern and manage ourselves as we discern the Lord’s leading), The Priesthood of all believes, Two Offices (Pastors & Deacons), Individual Soul Liberty (Meaning we are all growing and experiencing God at different levels, thus we should not judge one another), Separation of Church and State, and Two Ordinances (Baptism & Communion).


We are a Southern Baptist Church?

This simply means that we partner with other independent Bible believing churches for the purpose of reaching people more effectively around our world. We partner for the sake of global missions and evangelism, church planting, and in an effort to offer compassion and relief both locally and around the world.


What does the church believe about Missions?

We are deeply committed to living out the biblical mandate to "go into all the world and preach the Gospel." Over 10% of all our budget and funding goes to global missions annually. In addition to this we give to special missions projects thoguhout the year while also supporting local missions efforts such as Matthew 25 Ministires and World Changers. We are also eager to support those who are led to take special short term and long term missions trips. In the last year alone that has included relief trips to Haiti and Guatemala, and a teaching trip to South Korea.


How do I get involved?

We feel as though making connections with others is very important. Attending one of our many Sunday School classes or coming to a men’s or women’s Bible study class on Wednesday is a great step to becoming more involved. Also, you are always welcome to attend one of our church activities; we are often having a luncheon or special activity---those wanting to learn more about us are always welcome. And, the pastors door is always open, stop by or call anytime!